The popular debate over eugenics had become a regular subject for women's page editorials. The tone of these is usually dismissive and pit an American mother's common sense against the "foreign" science of eugenics. For instance, an unsigned editorial titled "Training vs. Breeding" relates:

Mrs. F. P. Dickey of Harriman, [Tennessee]--in a paper read at the women's club in that city--writes, "when [children] first open their little eyes to the light, give each one a spoonful of culture, a spoonful of moral training and a spoonful of parental restraint, every morning before breakfast for ten years, and we need not have any fears for the future of the human race." This is Eugenics with a big E.                                              (3/13/14:6)

While Miles' support for eugenics is a significant departure from the News' previous editorial stance, she does not advocate the kind of state planning envisaged by the more zealous Social Darwinists. For her, each potential mother, given the opportunity to choose a mate who will "improve the breed," becomes a potential eugenicist.