Several days before this FSC was published, The Chattanooga Daily Times had reported a controversy which had arisen over the newly-created position of Meat Inspectorship (established upon the recommendation of the City Beautiful Club--cf. the FSC of April 25, 1914). Commissioner H. Clay Evans, who had asked the City Beautiful Club to nominate female candidates, had failed to mention the requirement of a veterinary degree. The Daily Times had taken a chauvanistic delight in the story which it titled "Veterinary? O, Dear, NO!":

Isn't Commissioner Evans just the meanest thing! He said that he wanted a woman inspector of meats. He said that he would much rather have a woman for this job than a man. He just knew that she would be more honest, and more thorough, and more conscientious, and everything. But, he might have said that it would be necessary for her to be a veterinary surgeon. Then he wouldn't have been bothered with fifty-seven applications. Fifty-seven varieties of femininity wouldn't have gotten all fussed up over the prospect of a $100 a month job. And they wouldn't have had to dress up and walk all the way over to the city hall. And it was so hot yesterday. (6/13/14:5)