Among its major recommendations for sanitation improvements in Chattanooga, the City Beautiful Club had proposed the establishment of an incinerator to replace the city's open-air dump. The dump, located on Montgomery Avenue [now West Main Street], was less than a mile from business and residential districts. It received both ordinary household refuse (converted on the premises into hog slop) and tons of spent ash from coal-burning furnaces. It also had an open-vented crematorium for the disposal of dead animals. On June 9, 1914, the Newsreported that the city commissioners had approved a plan to construct three "Nye Odorless Cremator[ies]" (10) to burn Chattanooga's garbage. Miles lauded the decision in an unsigned editorial: "an incinerator to take the place of the dump--th[is] will be a more effective reply to aspersions cast on Chattanooga than all the booster letters that could be written" (6/11/14:6).