The Lioness is Loose				
The lioness is loose tonight
somewhere in the savannahs
of middle Tennessee--
She roams the hedgerows, stalks 
the ranch-homes of deepest suburbia.
Her fluorescent eyes flicker 
through tangles of forsythia
swaying innocently.
She has never been free before-
her home a concrete kennel
off Highway 100--
and that makes her a danger
to children and to pets
and stranded motorists,
or so the TV anchors chatter,
providing updates on the threat
every half-hour
while Animal Control patrols 
fairways, culverts, cul-de-sacs,
even the dumpster of the Dipsy-Doodle.
But for now the lionness is loose--
the kids stand tip-toed, peering
out second story windows,
the dog is grateful to be indoors,
and the cat pads silently across 
the kitchen floor.



copyright 2001 Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC  All rights reserved