Fall Guy
My back is wrecked
from love-making--
my lower lumbar 
got the double-cross;
so I lie here like
a corpse on a slab
while she takes
an innocent shower . . . 
The bed is stripped
to a single sheet--
which is all
a dead man needs;
the comforter lies
crumpled on the floor,
more powerful than
sworn testimony.
I am both criminal
& victim in the case--
failed to follow
doctor's orders.
Listen . . . you can hear
the water hissing--
snake down her body,
gurgle down the drain.
Spare me your sermon
and your good intentions:
Tell someone else
who wants a warning
that middle-age
and sex don't mix;
that a young girl is
the devil's right hand.
As far me, I'm going
with a smile on my face.
Save up your tears
(if you have them)
& put them in a tiny bottle,
& when it's filled
give it to the man 
who never loved.



copyright 2001 Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC  All rights reserved