Diving into the Dead Sea
There are places
you can do it-
far from the eyes
of muslims, jews
or christian tourists.
Places where a 
smooth abutment 
of holyland
juts out into
grey-green water
threaded like a
marble slab-
offering no reflection
of earth, sky,
even yourself.
So take a last 
deep breath,
& dive in unbelief,
your hands flat
to guard your face . . .
There's no splash
just a viscous suck
as you sink weightless
like a pearl of goo
in a lava lamp.
For a few seconds,
the complete inertia 
of immortality-
the blind womb,
the I not I.
Then the salt stings-
your instinct fights
the countersurge,
but all the same
it's rejecting you
forcing you back
into the catastrophe
of creation-
wretching for breath,
sticky as a newborn.



copyright 2001 Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC  All rights reserved