Action Movie
One group of murderers
kills another
group of murderers.
We like one group--
the others are
darkskinned and
wear mustaches.
Plenty of crowd scenes
in airports & bars
with the same longlegged girls
prancing in hot pants;
and of course 
the helicopter pilot
is a drunk.
But men bond,
effusing that 
good male love.
A likeable sidekick dies.
So many things to watch,
so many things to consider--
the images flow together
like the rapids of an Andean river
into decanters of colored water,
like the murderous smile
of a Cali whore reflected
in the hero's Ray-Bans.
The ending ends
like all endings:
bullets richochet
like sparklers 
thrown into the air
at carnival--
the hero scowls
and hardbodies fall
into an abyss.
The good self 
devours the ill
and the only justice
is poetic.



copyright 2001 Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC  All rights reserved