wishing on a starry night

Met in the summer

of the 7th grade

we did everything together like we

were joined at the waist

sneak out of her daddy's house

after it got dark

then we slipped thru the gate

of the confederate graveyard

And we lay down in the long gray grass

and held each other tight

wishing on a starry night

She let me kiss her

on the lips

on a double-dare

and I brushed

the grass out of her


dirty blond hair

And we walked along the old stone wall

down to the riverside

wishing on a starry night

when we gonna grow up,

when we gonna grow up

that's all we wanted to know

We made a clubhouse

out of a burnt-out car

and we said one day

we'd drive away real far

And we made our plans and promises

of all the things we might

go wishing on a starry night

copyright 2003   Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC   All Rights Reserved