beautiful lie


I was born between the wars

to the red white and blue

and there never was a time

when I wasn't in love with you

cousin betty said boy

you better beware

cause that girl you're messing with

got a real wild hair

it isn't the end of the world

it's just the end of a beautiful lie

I loved you from afar

loved you real up close

from the Alabama pine

to the California coast

You messed with my affection

down in Mississippi

and you broke my heart

way up in Wounded Knee

it isn't the end of the world . . .

I have to admit

you can still turn heads

and this love that I'm singing of

is far from dead

Mama always said

there ain't no sure bets

and if you ever really love

you can never, never forget

it isn't the end of the world . . .

copyright 2003   Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC   All Rights Reserved