Tonight with You in Tennessee        Sandy Madaris - Way Back Home - Tonight With You In Tennessee

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         Was a full moon night

we sat outside and built a fire,                    

and we watched the flame grow higher

and higher into the night.    starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                                      starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)                                    

               starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)            starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)                                                                                                                                            

      Even if we could see

        visions of eternity;

    I think that I would rather be                    

     Here tonight with you in Tennessee.                                               

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And the fire got real hot;

a log did groan and  starsmall.gif (1122 bytes) split apart,                                                                    

and it sent a shower of sparks                     starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)

drifting into the dark.        starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                                                                             starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)             starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)

starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                                                             starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)                            

        Even if we could see . . .     starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                                                  starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                            starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)

                                                                  starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)                                      

Then the fire slowly died;                                                                                                       

the last sparks      hung like fireflies,                                                                           starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)

and the night was deep and  dark and   wide,                                                                                                                                                                           

and it was time for us starsmall1.gif (215 bytes) to go inside.                                              starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                             starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)

                                                                   starsmall.gif (1122 bytes)                      starsmall1.gif (215 bytes)                              

        Even if we could see . . .                              



copyright words & music Luke Powers

for Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC 2001