Sandy Madaris - Way Back Home - If and When

If and When


If and when

I ever see you again

let's pretend

that we were just good friends

who fell out of touch in the end

Oh if and when



You and I

never did even try

we said goodbye

when we meant I love you

and I watched your plane

circle off into the blue

if and when


If and when

we'll both think that it's strange

if and when

we'll laugh at how we changed

if and when

no I'm not waiting

I'm just skating along

until then

Oh if and when


If and when

I won't be worrying

what might have been

but for a few mistakes

I'll give you a kiss

on the cheek

and then we'll make small talk

if and when


If and when . . .



copyright words & music Luke Powers

for Phoebe Claire Publishing, LLC 2001