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Sandy Madaris - Way Back Home - Hey Hector (omega Mix)                                 




                   Hey Hector, let's sneak out tonight

                   we can steal an automobile

                   we'll take a drive to the edge of night

                   might even wind up a siren                    

                                      and flashing lights--


                                I got no future               siren2.gif (7254 bytes)                          

                                               I got no past

                                    but I know how

                       to make each moment last




                              There ain't no moon tonight,

                  there ain't no stars

                  just some brand new shiny cars--

                  we'll break the lock, jimmy the window

                  'n' see how fast that we can go










                  Hey Hector, let's make a move

                  C'mon, man, just me and you

                  we'll be like gangstas,

                  soul brothers,

                  we might even be on TV









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copyright words & music Luke Powers

for Phoebe Claire Publishing. LLC 2001